Pressure transmitter PS-VF-G100, PS-IF-G100

Pressure transmitter with a flush membrane

  • High measurement precision thanks to separation membrane
  • Resistance, durability and reliability
  • built-in protection system
  • Unrestricted measurement range up to 10bar
Price: 219,00 EUR*
Measurement range
0...0.1 up to 10bar
Overpressure limit
2 x range
Measurement error
Hysteresis and recurrence
Compensated temperature range
Working conditions
(environment in closest neighbourhood around the sensor mustn’t be frozen)
membrane material: stainless steel 316L
process connection material: stainless steel 316L
casing material: stainless steel 304L
Process connection
G1” with flush membrane
Electrical connection
Angled plug DIN 43650
Output signal
4...20mA (two wire transmission) [PS-IF-G100]
0...10V or 0...5V [PS-VF-G100]
Power supply

Orders and different measurement ranges questions can be send on e-mail address

* - NET price